Blue Hours

by Bryant Eugene Vazquez

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From the accompanying PDF:

"...Winter was brutal, now, looking back two years later. Now, having retrieved the same laptop I’d left behind in a rush, I am reacquainted with songs I’d all but forgotten. Short, sweet, simple, and plentiful.

Blue Hours happen when you stay awake and wait for the sun to show itself, whether due to lack of rest, plethora of restlessness, or temperament. They are what they are, and only those who’ve known them can really understand what they are. These songs, they were forced; these songs, they wrote themselves; these songs are strangers and friends; theses songs are the corner of a flooded room, waiting to be lived in." - B.E.V., December, 2015


released December 18, 2015

Blue Hours was written and recorded by Bryant Eugene Vazquez during his relocation to Philadelphia and the months immediately following, between October and December of 2013.

All tracks mastered by Jon Du. Original artwork and photography by Bryant Eugene Vazquez. Layout by Aaris King.

AAĀ004 // 2015 // Thank you.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Etc...
Wasting time
Drowning yourself for a while Took the pills
Gonna spill for a while Through the stale
Going pale for a while
Tell the tale
Oh, is it original?
Track Name: City Wide (On Arrival) (Version 1)
I’m all fucked up
I’ve been too drunk
It’s been months since I’ve not felt well
And now I’m here and I’ve yet to sail
I’m all undone
I’m all undone
I haven’t slept
Or at least I think
The hours pass and I still slip
The city, too, sleeps at night
The silence both dark and bright
So, wish me well
Or bid farewell
Took a train about three days long
All behind me
But I can’t tell
If my plans are real foolproof
I simply just packed and moved
The skyline is plain in sight
The weather is still and fine
My heart has filled up to the brim
My actions are brash and swift
Reactions are all well hid
The sirens call out with fright
Will I stand the test of time?
The sunsets I took in strides,
People, the years I’ve tried
Track Name: Bring Me Down
The smoke rings rise and trail
From a skinny cigarette
The stench within these walls
Is that of failure and of whiskey
Cold steps
and clouded mind
Dead grime ‘neath my fingertips
But all is fine- is well
As I can tell
It’s all the same

Disciples in disarray
The muse is drowning
Caught in a storm
Capsized and left for dead
Surrounded by everything
Astounding severed head
Track Name: Empty Bottles (Version 1)
She’s sleeping with a ghost
Have you seen him?
Has he forced you to play host?
Spit blood up into a cup
You’re the artist you threw up

He’s sleeping with a rag
He’s torn, so sick and mad
Tonight won’t stand to drink
Though empty bottles won’t just sink
Track Name: Black Dog Days (Version 2)
Black dog days
Far from the sun
Leave me stray
Take me out back
Put me down

Black dog days
Overcast, feels close to death
Head in rain
Heart, it won’t heal the pain

Black dog days
Bite yourself in fits of rage
Sleep for days
Just to hide out from the phase

You’re a slave to these black dog ways
Serve your master
Watch the days get killed away
Track Name: Gettin' Left Behind
I am not clean
I am unkempt
And not by choice
I don’t pretend
It boils my blood within
I seen what’s happening
Can’t fight against the winds
You ain’t got oxygen
You ain’t got much of hope
You’re broke
It’s what you know
Can’t grow without the rains
You dry up
Cracked lips
Hold on to a fucking dollar
It’s there’s such a name
Call it squalor
What would you know of pain?
You’re washed up and everything
Here comes some hollow words
Communion never worked
Just wear your collared shirts
And crucify the dirt
in all in everything
My favorite sport was sin
Not just in yester-tense
Still live for the sting
Track Name: Hand in Hand (Version 2)
So here we stand
Before the blue
Our ground in black in white
Our actions mute
But do you not want the same?
Ever heart in every grave
Just as I has called your name

Smudged our faces with the sands
Even blue cannot be bright
When the black affects the light
So, here we stand
Before the hue
Of distance hearts
New colors ran
When the grey affects the waves
And we stand upon the changes hand in hand
Track Name: Haven't Seen the Sun
I am the suffering man
I stand before deliverance
Banned by his own hand
Beneath the dirt, the rocks, and leaves
Shivering knees
Each breath diseased
Expelled from lungs crippled and weak
The light that’s dim denied to me

I am the trembling hand
Too frail to hold
Or clasp in prayer
Shriveled and bare
My tongue unfolds
Exposed it swells
Corrupting the air with words fatal and pure
Believe the false
Crooked as hell
Perceive in lies
Drink from the well
Track Name: Malo (Not Now)
Yes, I am sad
And no, not now
What is wrong with that?
Can’t I feel bad?
Can’t I not feel low?
People say it is so
Show me the lens you bring
Break from the beast’s stare
Wear it out some
Tear the cloth, hun
Fuck yourself up good
Know the differences
Track Name: Upon His Command
When shall you come?
I’ve waited for hours here
Twiddling my thumbs
When will you make yourself known?
Shall I stay sat devouring thoughts of importance
Or spew out all words?
Dripping in wretched secrets.

Shall you ring dry my tongue?
Splatter your dress
You float there collected
Speak so soft
Whisper the hymns of your God
And who is this man?
Sheds blood for others upon his command
With reasons beyond your morals
For who knows?
Who cares.
Track Name: Shotgun (Version 2)
Startled by the fact that my memory goes blank with ease
Just a rider in the dark losing track of why he talks or breathes
And the people who you’ve met walk around with faces blurred by grief
Every enemy you’ve made is just a trait within yourself you’ve seen
Lest, you should become the same

Stay inside maybe you’ll find something worth a bleed
Hover around here in the corners you’ve come to exist
When the pain still stabs how quickly we become a slave
But you notice as you’re bleeding out
There’s nothing in your arteries
Track Name: The Thirst
There ain’t nothing the bottles can’t fix
Except the lack of them
Then, the pain starts to set in
Soon to follow
A phase you can’t avoid
Should the thirst persist to want you
Can it be destroyed?
Track Name: In Your Arms
I’d be unlike no other man
Collecting stares and blending in with wolves
At first you’d think me clever
By night fall you would know yourself the fool
I hide behind each lover with thin spread wings
They offer me their wools
My rigid skin will cover her
My quenchless mouth will foam before it drools

In her arms I’ve struggled to say sorry
In her arms the satin mask I bear
In her arms I drowned of simple pleasures
At her side
I lied to keep her there

A timelessness provokes decay
Romanticized with fervor to the grave
Exalting in your blessed hips
You take me in each hour we’re away

This tearing will confront me now
It lacerates my flesh and scrapes your grace
Your laughter is a fallen tree
I cut it down and fed it to the flames
Track Name: On the Way
Sighing alone
Dying alone
Crying alone
Flying, afraid so
But, I’m on my way down
Track Name: Ropes
The silence makes you a ghost, yeah
In hours so empty the house will play host
The burning brings you the ghosts, yeah
The questions continue you're asking yourself
With a rope
In footsteps not sure that you took, yeah
A darkness distinguished in bottle & pills & bliss
A solitude ending
Not quite how you planned it, yeah
Track Name: Norma
If you’re true
Well, I can’t tell
You could lie
I love you still
I do believe
Dance with me in an orchard, please
Pick me up
And swing me around the orange trees

Wear the shirt
I bought for you
You left behind in a pile of clothes
To start a new
You broke your word
It’s hurt me so
If you can’t love me
Let me know before we’re old
Track Name: Walkin' One Day
Just start walking
Until it feels right to stop
The wind blows cold
And your cigarette burns bright
People of every shape and form
They gather around fields of green
Where stories were born
No pressure and not anyone around
The treasures you come across and found
They all are yours
The moments you’ll think about some day
You’re not lost
Just going through some phase
When you’re walking through the city
Many times you may feel small
Still you wander in amazement at the beauty of it all
And the sun comes down upon you
As a chill creeps deep within
Just continue on down
Keep walking
Until you know where to begin